Handprinted With Natural Dye Modall Silk Ajrakh Dupatta


Handprinted With Natural Dye Modall Silk Ajrakh Dupatta

1100 INR/Piece

Product Details:

Ethnic Region   :   Indian

Feature               :   Washable

Product Type     :   All Over Dupatta

Dress Type         :   Casual

Pattern                :   Printed

Season                 :   All Season



Ajrakh printing is done by hand, only using wooden blocks as wood absorbs the colors in a better manner than any other material. The artisans use Sheesham Wood Blocks for the primary stage of printing and for the final stage of printing on the fabric, Teak Wood Blocks are used. The ajrakh print and colors are best represented on Cotton, however to serve urban markets, silk is also used as a fabric for printing.

The traditional Ajrakh colors are Red, Black & Indigo. Yellows, Shades of Orange and Rust are now used to give the products a more contemporary look. The Ajrakh printing process is considered intuitive to the Ajrakh Artisans. The authentic Ajrakh print is printed on both sides of the fabric, a method known as “resist printing”. This printing form is completely done with the use of hand-carved wooden blocks and hand by the artisan.



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